01 Dec Turquoise

An ancient stone that decorated precious jewellery and ornaments of the Aztecs, Persians and Egyptians, Turquoise is said to keep the wearer safe from harm. Its beautiful bright blue colour could also explain why it is said to keep sadness at bay, making it a...

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01 Nov Topaz

Both the ancient Romans and Greeks believed topaz was a gift from the Gods. Infused with the light and power of the sun, it was believed that topaz could protect the faithful from harm and help them see clearly. The warm golden hues of this...

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01 Oct Opal

Shakespeare called opal the Queen of Gems and ancients believed them to be a divine stone of hope, light and love. Popular with Queen Victoria, the very best opals are homegrown in Australia. Featured in a handcrafted Gerrim necklace, ring or bracelet, opals will make...

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01 Sep Sapphire

Sapphire has long been a favoured stone for kings and emperors and are said to inspire purity and wisdom. Some believe Moses was given the Ten Commandments on sapphire tablets, making them the most sacred of gemstones. Whatever your belief, their rich blue colour is...

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01 Aug Peridot

An ancient gem, peridot was a favourite of Cleopatra and with its glowing green hue, in other times was believed to be a gift from Mother Nature herself. What better gem than peridot to put the spring into your mother’s step!...

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01 Jul Ruby

One of the rarest gems, the ruby symbolizes passion and love and has been prized for centuries by Royalty. Kings and Emperors sought out this stunning gem for both its beauty and the belief that it gave the wearer wisdom, health and knowledge....

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01 Jun Pearl

Born of water, the lustrous beauty of the pearl has been favoured as a symbol of wisdom, purity and honesty since antiquity. Believed by some to be droplets from the moon, the white purity of the pearl means innocence, making it a favorite of brides...

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01 May Emerald

The stunning clear green of spring, Emeralds as a precious gem said to be the sacred stone of Venus, the goddess of love. A stone of legend, emerald has found its way into stories of the Holy Grail and the adventures of conquistadors and Kings....

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01 Apr Diamond

The forever stone, diamonds are the strongest and most enduring of gems. A perfect symbol of the love between a mother for her child, diamonds are the gift of a lifetime for the gift of a life....

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19 Mar Aquamarine

Literally meaning sea water, aquamarine is the legendary treasure of mermaids and was thought to keep sailors safe at sea. The stunning blue green of a crystal clear ocean, aquamarine was believed to bring youth and happiness to the wearer as well as calm the...

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